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Aika's cabin - brought to you by xLouisax ^_^

'Aika's cabin' is a small adventure created to journey with our Aika!  With many possibilities to the tale, you can not be sure of where you could end up. 

Discover which decisions let you win, which let you win with for being very 'Aika-rish', and which lead you to the failure of being saved by Vyse.  Note:  On some choices, there is really no way in knowing which would be best, so just choose which you fancy.

Your journey begins inside Aika's cabin suprisingly, and you'll never know where your concience may take you. 

The aim is not to be saved by Vyse (unless you really want to ^_^), you need to prove that you can be a perfectly good Blue Rogue both with Vyse and Fina and without. 

Don't be intimidated into taking the goody-goody choices, just really, choose what you feel like choosing, you could end up anywhere ^_^.

Why did xLouisax make this?

Aika is always being brought down and people seem to find her annoying and loud, but honestly, no Aika,  no Skies; it wouldn't be half as fun, half as humerous and it wouldn't have the same character to it - that is why I made 'Aika's cabin' To enter just click the button 'Aika's cabin', or return to 'Omega Psyclone' if you wish.

I can't promise you the best ride of your life, but through time I will expand this adventure to make it longer, funner and more Aika-rish! ^_^ Enjoy!

Aika belongs to Overworks, not me, okay!  I only drew the pics of Aika with the many different faces, and the bubbley one of her battle pose, the rest are by some kick-arse artist! ^_^